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Obama should write a book, “Padding your Resume For Dummies.”

I’d buy it. I just hope the country doesn’t. (Scroll down for more)

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Wondering what specific experience Barack Obama had as a civil rights lawyer?

Drum roll… Hold your breath… this is huge… text message coming…

Ten cases! WOW! He made formal appearance in TEN CASES!

All that writing behind the scenes must have made his wrist sore.

“I was one of the better writers. I ended up doing the more cerebral writing, less trial work,” Obama added. “That’s actually something I regret — not doing more trial work.”

“He wrote lots of substantial memos, but he didn’t try any cases,” said Judson Miner, a partner in the firm who was Obama’s boss.

A search of all the cases in Cook County Circuit Court in which Obama made an appearance since he graduated from Harvard in 1991 shows: Zero.

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