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After the government drama of the last few weeks, a few ideas/steps remain clear:

1) Credit is now a civil right in this country. Why not amend the Constitution?

2) Therefore people who could not traditionally qualify for credit (home ownership, credit cards) are now and will continue to receive it

3) Banks who do not extend credit those who traditionally don’t qualify are wrong

4) When banks extend credit to the traditionally unqualified- and then the unqualified lender mismanages his credit- it’s the bank’s fault

5) The government is responsible for rescuing banks, automobile manufacturers, airlines…

6) Repeat from 1)

Because owning a home is nearly a right in the United States, home loans will soon be structured like student loans.


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Tonight’s the big VP debate.  Will Palin wilt under pressure?  Will Biden ask anyone to stand up?

God love ya!

Live blogging is a bit overrated for a grassroots blog like AMPG, so I’ll post a few links and comments to the “big boys” on the web.

Here are a few links to get started:

Live debate stream from ABC News.

Michelle Malkin has Biden Bingo.

Governor Palin comes out, “Hey, can I call you Joe?”

American Thinker is live blogging.

– Ten minutes in- it’s a snoozer.  Isn’t there a baseball game on?

Love Michelle Malkin’s live blog title, “Sarah vs. Smirky”

– Will Palin slam Biden/Obama on the Fannie/Freddie?

Gateway Pundit is live blogging, too.

GP says:

Great Line… Palin: “I may not answer the questions the way that the moderator or the Senator may want me to but I will speak to America.”

– Palin sends out a “bless their hearts” and Biden sends out a “God love ’em”

– More on direct talks with the gutters of the world.  Obama does support direct talks at a presidential level- it’s on his web site:

Lovely “in the tank article” from Time Magazine for post-debate readers:

Why Some Women Hate Sara Palin

Can you imagine an Obama  or Biden article like this?

Great line!! “Extra credit for 3rd graders in Alaska!”

The bottom line: unedited Palin is a completely different person than edited Palin.

She’s right- without the filter of the main stream media she looks like a completely different person.

Debate highlight:

Well, another debate in the books.  Biden did well, but Palin did much better.  That is because she had to overcome two highly edited interviews which did not portray her in a positive light.

Guess that all changes when the media filter is gone.

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Sarah Palin gives a normal interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show.  She talks to Hugh about the media, the attacks, and other topics for ten minutes.

Here’s audio the link.

Here’s the transcript.

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Where’s the Jihad?

Here’s the link to ABC’s video:

Palin clarifies ‘God’ and War Remarks- Charlie Gibson asks Sarah Palin if the Iraq War is a holy war.

Can you give me a break!  Just that title alone from ABC should tell you where the interview went.  It’s clear Charlie does not give Palin much respect.

Charlie says to Palin, “But, but then are you sending your son on a task that is from God?”

If this would have been Obama, Charlie would have asked a feel-good question like, “so how does it feel to have a son going off to war?” Something emotive and mushy.

Michell Malkin has the “task from God” dust up.

I saw this coming from the AP story a few days ago.

Here’s my other post with the all of the Palin videos.

Here’s specific video.  Her comments on “God’s plan” are from 3:30 to 4:00.

Palin’s exact quote:

And Track-pray for our military.  He’s [Track] going to be deployed in September to Iraq.  Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right also for this country; that our leaders, our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God.  That’s what we have to make sure we are praying for- that there is a plan and it’s God’s plan. So bless them with your prayers -your prayers of protection for our soldiers.

I’m sorry, I really must have missed the holy war reference in that quote.

Again, where’s the jihad?

The Gibson interview was what I expected. Palin was “darned if you do, darned if you don’t” the way Gibson backed her into corners.  He was looking for ‘gotcha’ moments, no doubt.

If she said “invade Pakistan,” she’s a warmonger.  If she said “I’d never invade Pakistan,” she’s soft on terrorism.  Charlie could have asked her, “so when did you stop beating your husband?” Palin would have been in the same logical trap.

She has to interview.  One down, many to go.


Look at this fluff piece on Biden done by Gibson.   Thanks Gunservatively.

Hey Charlie, you want that with or without whip?


Gibson ABC family movie of the week – Joe Biden (sponsored by Dunkin Donuts).


This is very sad.

Hot Air has more commentary here.

As you watch the video, listen to Gibson’s constant sighing, moving around, and other gestures.  Proof you can say smug without uttering a word.

Palin answers the Bush Doctrine question just fine- but not the way Charlie would like- and then he becomes the journalist from on high dispensing his wisdom.  Nice, Charlie, nice.

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Well, Michelle Malkin’s simple comment is here.

Ace of Spades has more coverage here.

So what do you think?  Please watch the video and see Obama’s comment in context.  The crowd shrieked after he said, “lipstick on a pig.” They certainly think it meant something.

I just wonder why, if we wasn’t making a veiled attack on her, he would even take a chance with this drama.

We know he cannot talk about his army of community organizers or how much that will cost the American taxpayer.  Maybe he is really getting desperate?

We’ll see.

And here’s the video:


Victor Davis Hanson’s insight at NRO.

In all the furor over the Obama “pig” quote, commentators forgot to examine his entire attack:

“You can put lipstick on a pig. “It’s still a pig.”

“You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink.”

When read in the entire context you can see what he seems to mean with his dual animate male/female references and why he probably evoked two metaphors: most would think that Obama is talking about both on the ticket and his anger how each has expropriated his change motif.

So in that sense he appears both to insult the 72-year old McCain as the “old fish” that is still going to “stink”, and to refer to Palin, who had famously evoked the metaphor of lipstick in a nationally televised address, as still the pig despite the lipstick.

The fact that he used two metaphors to attack the two, and used expressions referring both to age and Palin’s recent use of “lipstick” don’t seem to be accidents and that’s why the cooing crowd got the old fish=McCain;lipsticked pig=Palin immediately.

I’ll leave it to others to deconstruct the historical use of pig as a sexist term in the recent climate of generic attacks on Sarah Palin.

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So by now, if you have been following political talk for the last few weeks, you’ve heard about the “bridge to nowhere.”

Who would have thought an unconstructed bridge going to a place called nowhere would be such a big deal.

Well, it is.

On a day the Obama campaign said McCain and Palin were “lying about their records,” we also read how Palin is a hypocrite about earmarks and spending.

Naturally, the Obama camp does not let the facts get in the way of their attacks.

Townhall.com has a great article with a Palin quote- that’s right, an actual quote- about the “bridge to nowhere.”  That’s serious journalism you know.

Here’s the article. And the quote:

Yes, Palin did indicate some support for a Ketchikan “link” (which could be a bridge or a ferry) while campaigning to become Governor. Her exact quote the Obama campaign is using against her is from a 2006 article in the Ketchikan Daily News. Palin is quoted saying:

“The money that’s been appropriated for the project, it should remain available for a link, an access process as we continue to evaluate the scope and just how best to just get this done. This link is a commitment to help Ketchikan expand its access, to help this community prosper.”

What a stunning quote.

This is probably why she does not have a 95 percent approval rating.  It’s only 80 percent.

What was Congress’ approval rating?  Lower than George W. Bush and in the teens?  I thought so.

The article continues:

“Link” is the operative word. That can mean bridge, ferry or anything else that gets people from one location to another. She also said the “scope” should be considered, which can mean size and cost. Regardless, as Governor, when it really counted, she opposed the bridge flat-out. Meanwhile, in the US Senate, Obama VOTED FOR the $400 million Bridge to Nowhere.

So Obama voted for the pork. How about some grits with that bacon? Palin was trying to help the people, but realized it was a big mess. Especially when she realized this:

If the bridge were built, the family of Sen. Lisa Murkowski would benefit. Murkowski’s mother Nancy, wife of former Gov. Frank Murkowski, is co-owner with her three siblings of a 35-acre parcel of land on Gravina Island.

That’s the same incumbent governor Sarah Palin defeated.  What irony.

And, to top all of this off, I found the last quote from an old website run by Democrats criticizing Republics. It’s been taken down from their website, however, Google had a snapshot of it.  Here is the page:

Remember, Obama voted for this!  The Dems could have made this page:

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Not seen last night due to Rudy’s speech, here’s Palin’s intro speech from the RNC:

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