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Well, Hillary Clinton will be speaking in about 1 hour.  It should be very interesting!

The image to the left is a memento I picked up from a ‘Billary’ health care event while I was at the White House.  It’s from 1994. Health care for every American was her idea, not Obama’s.

Many do not like Hillary for obvious reasons.  Some of those reasons are justified.  However, while I was in DC, I noticed she treated my colleagues with kindness and respect.  Because of this I don’t have anything personal against Hillary, although I strongly disagree with many of her positions.

There’s no doubt Hillary is a politically ambitious person.  Many loathe her just because of that!  She’s an ambitious pant-suit wearing woman, hear her roar.

However, Hillary is not just blind, egotistical ambition.  She’s focused, egotistical ambition with a plan. Her main plan was univeral health care for all Americans.  She’s wanted this, thought about this, and campaigned on this for over a decade.

She was suppossed to be the Democratic nominee for President this year until Barack Obama decided to copy all of her ideas except for the paintsuit.

That’s why he squeaked it out.

Democrats figured they had two historic candidates with the same ideas.  But one of them has the pizzaz, the other one has the husband.  The choice wasn’t easy but BO won. I guess ears beat cigars.  Go figure.

If I’m a Hillary supporter I am still angry.  Hillary had the experience and the ideas, Barack had the teleprompter and the media.  It’s as if Barack’s staff, just before the Iowa caucus, surfed over to the Hillary website, pressed CTRL-A, selected all the text, and pasted it into Barack’s site.

So some would say Barack just lacks experience.  I’d say he lacks experience and ideas.

So, if you happen to support Barack Obama and you read this, what original idea has he had?  You can even use his 10 cases while he was a lawyer, his Illinois Senate position, or even his community planner job.  What where his ideas?  The motor voter law in the Illinois Senate?  Paying his friends and political supporters with large government/ private sector contracts? His Democratic Republic of Congo relief Act?


Ideas are above his paygrade.


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