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Hot Air has the story of the story here.

And Michelle Malkin here.

Here’s the summary and link to the Sun-Times article:

The Illinois Attorney General has opened an investigation into the money granted in a Barack Obama earmark in 2001 to the spouse of a campaign aide, thanks to the investigative work of the Chicago Sun-Times.

A $100,000 state grant for a botanic garden in Englewood that then-state Sen. Barack Obama awarded in 2001 to a group headed by a onetime campaign volunteer is now under investigation by the Illinois attorney general amid new questions, prompted by Chicago Sun-Times reports, about whether the money might have been misspent.

How much would you pay for a gazebo?  $100,000?  Ask Barry.

Obama vowed to “work tirelessly” to raise $1.1 million to help Smith’s organization turn the City of Chicago-owned lot into an oasis of trees and paths. But Obama lost the congressional race, no more money was raised, and today the garden site is a mess of weeds, chunks of concrete and garbage. The only noticeable improvement is a gazebo.

That must be one heck of a gazebo.

And let’s not forget about Tony Rezko donations:

Sen. Barack Obama — $54,416 Rezko has been friends with Obama for 17 years. As a lawyer at a small Chicago law firm, Obama worked on low-income housing deals involving Rezko’s company. Rezko has been Obama’s political patron since he ran for the Illinois Senate a dozen years ago. Obama has apologized for buying a piece of property from Rezko’s wife last year to expand his yard.


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Great article today at the WSJ by Stanley Kurtz:

Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools

The Obama campaign has cried foul when Bill Ayers comes up, claiming “guilt by association.” Yet the issue here isn’t guilt by association; it’s guilt by participation. As CAC chairman, Mr. Obama was lending moral and financial support to Mr. Ayers and his radical circle. That is a story even if Mr. Ayers had never planted a single bomb 40 years ago.

More “Kansas values”. There must be a lot of socialist/marxist types in Topeka.

Gateway Pundit has more here.

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Trying to connect the dots on a few things.

Meanwhile, check out this article from Michelle Malkin.

It seems like all historic avenues with Obama lead to anti-American fringe leftists.  Some might be nice and call it socialism, others might say his connections with “red” people are just a big fat coincidence.

We’ll see.

Obama’s idea of America  is not the idea of America that I fought for in the Army.

It’s an arbitrary and divisive with the state at the center of everything.

So where do our freedoms come from? Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer knew- this is from 1982:

And finally this video, also from Francis Schaeffer, talks about abortion, man being the measure of all things, and one of my favorite quotes,

If there is no absolute by which to judge society, society is  absolute.

Here’s the video:

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Watching CNN cover the McCain-Palin event in Washington, PA today.  They are almost laughing at Palin’s experience as city council member, mayor and governor.  Funny, these experience arguments are just now popping up.   Haven’t heard too many laughs at the self-created, multiple question mark title of “community organizer.”

Kirsten Powers, democratic commentator from Fox News, writes:

One Obama supporter and political operative blogged, “In picking an unknown, untested half-a-term governor from Alaska . . . John McCain is following in a long line of reckless men who have rolled the dice for a beauty queen.”

Do we really have to do this again?

No sooner was Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the race, and a new woman is in the cross hairs.

On CNN, during a discussion about whether it was appropriate for Palin to accept this job when she has a baby, Dana Bash pointed out it’s unlikely anyone would ask this of a male candidate.

I can’t help wondering if this is a trap. The McCain camp watched and learned as Obama supporters offended Hillary supporters by their treatment of her. The McCainiacs had to know that this group is incapable of behaving, that Palin would bring out their worst instincts.

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Obama should write a book, “Padding your Resume For Dummies.”

I’d buy it. I just hope the country doesn’t. (Scroll down for more)

Read the entire article here.

Wondering what specific experience Barack Obama had as a civil rights lawyer?

Drum roll… Hold your breath… this is huge… text message coming…

Ten cases! WOW! He made formal appearance in TEN CASES!

All that writing behind the scenes must have made his wrist sore.

“I was one of the better writers. I ended up doing the more cerebral writing, less trial work,” Obama added. “That’s actually something I regret — not doing more trial work.”

“He wrote lots of substantial memos, but he didn’t try any cases,” said Judson Miner, a partner in the firm who was Obama’s boss.

A search of all the cases in Cook County Circuit Court in which Obama made an appearance since he graduated from Harvard in 1991 shows: Zero.

Read the entire article here.

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We’ve all heard about how Barack Obama was a “Community Organizer.”

Have you ever wondered how those developments are doing today?

Not so good.

Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy
The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair.

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