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Obama wants to talk to Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran without preconditions. In the debate he said this level of diplomacy would not take place at the presidential level.

What does Obama really believe on this?  Look at his website:

Diplomacy: Obama supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions.

Now that’s pretty clear!  I predict this will be scrubbed from his website very soon.  This statement has nothing to do with preparation work- it’s talking about PRESIDENTIAL DIPLOMACY.

Geesh.  Fix your website so we can’t catch your nuance, I mean lie, so fast.

Here’s the link. It should be gone soon.

And a video:


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It’s really hard to believe ANYONE can tell you what Obama will do about Iraq.

If you have 8 minutes- assuming you can stomach all of this- please watch this video.  It chronicles many of Obama’s Iraq War positions.

Now please tell me what his position is on the most important foreign policy issue our country faces!

This is the change you can believe in, right?

Changing his mind so many times it takes nearly ten minutes to chronicle his various positions.

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After the predictable VP announcement, back to a real issue.

How easily we forget those wonderful Dem debates.

All 235 of them.

Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants.  Yes or no?  Simple question, right?

Is this yet another example of “above my pay grade” answering?

Is Biden where the buck stops?  Is he the one who will answer these tough questions?  I mean, if you have taken political science at the university level, don’t you have some idea of where you stand on the basic issues of the day?

Remember, he’s not running for your city council.  He’s not writing the Harvard Law Review anymore.

I’m noticing a pattern here…

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